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The online home of the Dawn & Naked Greg Comedy Show

This is us:


(Greg's the one with the beard)

(with the DARK beard)


Once upon a time, someone made the mistake of saying "You guys are really funny!"

So we decided to put together some comedy bits. They were a little "Adult" for the Improv group we met through, so we created this act.

Just for YOU.

Well, you, and anybody that'll laugh, pay us, or both. But not the people that laugh when we ask them to pay us - this show is NOT for them.

In addition to the more Adult content we do for fun, we also provide comedy based Corporate training sessions - contact us for details and pricing.

Current Schedule of Public Appearences:

Thursday, April 17th: Flying J Truck stop, I-94 junction in Indiana

Friday, April 18th: Penguicon 6.0 Troy, Michigan

Current Schedule of Non-Public Appearance

Weekend of April 25-27th - making this web site not suck.

Questions? Compliments? contact us at dawn@nakedcomedy.net or greg@nakedcomedy.net.